The Project

The Favela Organica Project is a pioneer initiative originated in the communities of Babilonia-Chapeu Mangueira, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was created in September 2011, with only R$ 140,00, as the result of Regina Tchelly’s sensitive look and determination. Aiming to modify people’s relation with food, to avoid waste, to take care of the environment and to show the world that it is possible to fight hunger, the project has already traveled other Brazilian states and even other countries, such as Italy, France and Uruguay.

Respect and love for food and nourishment
Appreciation for producers
Self love and self-esteem
Pleasurable and affectionate kitchen
Holistic approach to life and the food cycle
Return to nature all it gives us
We aim that Favela Organica’s methodology is practiced by all people, becoming a public policy, fighting food waste and hunger completely.
To modify the relationship between human beings and food, by restoring and appreciating intimacy, love and respect that we should all have towards nature, the one which nurtures us. To modify as well the relationship between our body and the Earth, through education about the food cycle and the cycle of life.

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Recipe of Life

Congratulations for your initiative, Regina! Brazil needs more people willing to change our world like you. Even God, our creator, is happy about your activities, cause you don’t think about yourself, you think about others. Don’t think small, think big. I am happy I met you, not in person, but for your actions.
Jaqueline Garcia
I dream of having a project similar to yours. Reeducate our compulsive behavior of throwing things in the bin. How much couldn’t you do with what you discard? I confess that I don’t have enough strengh. I would like to know your project, of course! Big hug.
Franci Sales
I’ve seen a report about your project Favela Orgânica while watching a Brazilian channel in Toronto, Canada. I am looking for the recipes you shared. Even though I’m living in a country with better economic conditions, I’ve learned that I can use vegetable peels and stalks when I cook meals for my family. Congrats!
Nelson Velasco


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